Friday, 21 December 2007

Barbershops of the world, part 10

Statistics fans will be thrilled to learn the following:

It is day 141 of our journey; so far we have visited 7 countries (8 if you count England); this is the 4th full hair and beard combo cut of the trip (1st one in Cuba, 2nd one in Te Rapa, 3rd in Greymouth); a baby can hear tones with oscillations up to approximately 20,000 Hz, but these frequencies become more difficult to hear as people age.

And so to Bronte, a suburb in the east of Sydney. A nice lady who turns out to be from Odessa, Ukraine (where I once got drunk and saw sailors fighting) trims my head and face using clippers, scissors, combs and a cut throat razor! Extra points for that - first one I've seen since Mexico.

Cost 20 AUS dollars (about EUR 12)
Cut quality 8.5/10
Fear factor 2/10 (even though I was able to charm her by speaking Russian, a blade-wielding Ukrainian is nobody's idea of a good time)

This has been my most expensive haircut yet, but get this - it would have cost even more! Me and Debs did our negotiation double act to slash the price from 30 to 20 AUD , then promptly spent the difference on a couple of freshly made beetroot, apple and celery juices from the shop down the road.


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