Tuesday, 6 November 2007

Barbershops of the world, part 7

Having some time to kill in Greymouth following Debs' automotive mishap, we were directed to Murray Glen's Barber Shop.

We arrived during Murray's lunch hour, and were lucky enough to see him pull up in his car (registration SIZORZ), and be first in line for a cut.

Full monty this time: head and beard please. Number 3 on top, number 1 on the face.

Cost 12 NZ dollars (6.50 EUR) + a $1 tip!
Cut quality 8.5/10
Fear factor 0/10

Comments: An excellent experience all round. Murray's been cutting hair since he was 12, and really knew his stuff. He was even happy to give Debs a few tips on shaping the hair at the back of the head - although he wisely held back on the more advanced 'fade' techniques to avoid future mistakes. I would also like to add that Murray's clippers smelled nice and clean. Good job!

Note: A full 10/10 will only be awarded to barbers who go the whole hog: hot towels, cut throat razors and aftershave. Just so you know...


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