Thursday, 20 December 2007

Sydney/Asking strangers to take photos of you

We're in Sydney, staying at Lisa and Darren's house in Bronte. It's hot, and we both have colds.

Central Sydney is just like London - there's a Hyde Park, Liverpool Street, Oxford Street, the cars drive on the left, big concrete buildings, lots of people strutting around in suits etc. The sun is the only exception.

We oriented ourselves by going on a wander around the city, taking in the awesome sight of the Sydney Opera House and Sydney Harbour Bridge via the Botanical Gardens (*full* of fruit bats - eeew!) and the Hyde Park Barracks.

What is it with peoples inability to take a good photo?! We had to ask three different people to take our pic, in the hope of getting a nice one of us in front of the Royal Opera House, but they're all shit! Why would you take a picture like this?
Or this?
The landmark isn't even in view properly! Tssk.

Anyway. We're still not feeling Christmassey, but the elf dances performed by friends and family are making us smile (thanks everyone!), and we both spoke to our parents and my sister on Skype today, so we're in good spirits. We're looking forward to Christmas in Wangi Wangi, but we miss our families and wish someone would invent a transporter, quick.
Debs, x


richard said...

i guess u have heard of very Christmasy -3 degree temperature in Holland at the moment.

but we have had some sprinkaling of snow .. we may even have a white xmas. First time in my life.

Anonymous said...

Bjorn in Amsterdam says..

Its been below 0 for a few days. Christams approaches and I've made some new friends. Christmas can be philosophized in may ways but interseting enough a friend
e-mailed me with an indian expression ..."If you cant see god in all, you cant see god at all"
From my side anything that occurs which results in a joy of goodness is a miracle. That in the Netherlands different cultures celebrate Christmas with a family and friends dinner is itself a miracle. That one day no discrimination will exist is a miracle we can work together on.
Merry christmas and a big hug,

Rachel said...

Hi Guys,
Wanna swap? It's freezing here in the UK! In fact it was -5 yesterday morning - brrrrr! It's certainly fun driving down the country lanes. Have a great Christmas.
Lots of Love
Rachel xxx