Monday, 24 December 2007

Upside down Xmas

Happy Christmas everyone!

It's really weird being in Australia at this time of year. It just doesn't feel like Christmas should: all hot and beachy... the above photo was taken in New Zealand, by the way, on Fox Glacier - all cold and icy like it should be.

But it's far more Christmassy since we arrived at Debs' relatives' place in Wangi Wangi for a family reunion celebration. We've been treated to some great Aussie hospitality, and today might even see someone chucking another shrimp on the barbie (although it's raining today, would you believe?)

Lots of love to you all!

Ben and Debs


Rachel said...

Happy Christmas guys!!
Love Rachel and Paul xxx

Juby said...

Hi Guys, sorry we've been quiet for a while, we have been following your adventure. Gutted we are not there in Aus to enjoy your Christmas - give our love to all!! Can't wait for you to get back and enjoy your adventures all over again - MERRY CHRISTMAS AND HAPPY 2008

BB said...

Hey Guys! Got yer mail when I was in Canader. just landed back today!

Hope you guys had a fab Xmas as well and Happy NY... All the best adventure in 08...

Oh yeah... and nice Nikes!!! :)