Wednesday, 3 October 2007

Barbershops of the world, part 5

Heads up! The blog's most popular feature is back already for another bite of your attention apple, NZ style.

The shoddy beard trim in Sigatoka meant that I was getting quite fluffy on my chin, so I went for an all over effort at Te Rapa Barber Shop in Hamilton.

"Traditional Mens Cuts", but what's this? A lady barber! OMFG! And what's more, a lady barber with attitude; rudely rebuking Deb's request to take photos (she took it anyway), scowling throughout the cut and generally acting the arse. The atmosphere made Vanessa and baby Carys flee the shop in terror!

Cost 14 NZ dollars (8 EUR)
Cut quality 6/10
Fear factor 5/10

Comments: Good effort, and quick too. Would have scored higher on cut quality but for the at-ti-tude.


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brenda said...

I did try and warn you about Hamilton, but you guys insisted on going there. Now I see not just Hamilton but Te Rapa!!! bloody hell - suckers for punishment :)