Thursday, 4 October 2007

New Zealand!

We're in New Zealand! We arrived about 4 days ago, and have been staying in Hamilton with Shy, Ness, and their adorable kids Jacson ("What are you doing?" "Why?") and Carys (a giggler).

Looking out of the window at the wind and rain, it'd be easy to imagine we were in England or Holland if it weren't for the mountain views and New Zealand accent (we're "Bean and Deabs" here, or "Bean and Dallas" as someone thought). It's much cooler here than it was Fiji, so we've been out and bought ourselves a jumper each, and I've bought myself a belt so my trousers don't fall down (I've lost loads of weight , which I'm in the process of putting back on).

When we're not having hot showers, sleeping in comfortable beds, eating vegetables, and sitting on sofas that don't smell of damp sea air, we've been researching where to go, booking our camper van hire (with Spaceships) for the remaining 2 months we're here, and boldly venturing into the world of extreme sports activities (and that doesn't include the nappy changing and baby burping).

Our first activity was on the Black Labyrinth Tour in the Waitomo gloworm caves with The Legendary Black Water Rafting Co., where we donned (wet) wetsuits, squashed our bums into an inner tube, and floated down a flowing subterranean river.

Than after the cave adventure, once we'd recovered the feeling in our hands and feet, we went to the Otorohanga Kiwi House, where Debs rode on a giant kiwi:

The people here are really friendly, and we're enjoying our time here so far. On Saturday we're going to Raglan to learn how to surf (money back guarantee if we're not standing up on the board by the end of the lesson). Can't wait!



Judy Wilson said...

You need to vet these pictures !! Some of us are not use to that much flesh on show. The wet suits fitted where they touched too!! Glad to see you are enjoying yourselves though - much love Judy

Anonymous said...

Bjorn zei..

Money back guarantee(!!) "if youre not standing up on a board by the end of a lesson"