Sunday, 7 October 2007

Surf's up!

We are embracing the range of extreme sports opportunities that NZ offers with cheerful readiness. Yesterday we tooled out to the west coast to become proper "radical dudes". Raglan Surf School did the honours, converting us from total groms to pure hardcore rippers.
$89 each bought us a 3 hour lesson: 1h of theory and rehearsals, then 2h in the surf, getting knocked about in Whale Bay by a variety of waves. We loved it! Both of us had caught and ridden a few waves in by the end of the day, and both of us had been fully stuffed a couple of times, including a serious winding for Debs. Basically, it was just like that bit at the end of Point Break.
No pictures of us riding the waves cos we were too busy actually surfing to take pictures, y'see?

However, I can attempt to communicate the experience using the power of visual communication, as follows - surfing feels like a mix of this:

And this:

Add a bit of salty water up your nostrils and that's basically it.

So, now we're pro surfers, you can expect to see us cropping up on the Extreme Sports channel over the next few months as we cruise the beaches of NZ and Oz. Insane!



Anonymous said...

hey guys good to see you catching some waves.........youll probably be better than darren by the time you get here...haha thats not hard though.
you can forget me getting out there though. too many scarey Sharks!!

Anonymous said...

Aahh Debs, forgot to tell you this morning.........when I went to get Jacson dressed this morning I spotted the nappy you put on him last night - it was on BACKWARDS. A little more practice required perhaps....?

Anonymous said...

Surfing sucks

Skinny little minny like you benny boy, I bet you struggled to get your board out on those waves.

Where's your e-mail address ???

Pod x x

islandg*rl said...
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islandg*rl said...

hi Debs & Ben,
How are you 2 doing? It's getting cold here in Amsterdam..!

Just wanted to let you know that Tim and I had a really good time in Cuba, you guys were right about the hustlers in Havana though, that was terrible. But besides that (and the fact that I got talked to a lot by random Cuban people because they thought I was a cubanita ) we had a lovely time. Cuba was beautiful!!!

Thanks for the tips, and miss you both,

Mali (also, from Tim)