Saturday, 2 August 2008

Compare and contrast

If you've been following our trip from the off, you might remember this "things I want to fix" post that I wrote just before we left.

Well, here's how things stand after a year:
  • Stress sickness: Gone
  • Time poverty: Gone
  • Arms/ hands/ RSI twinges: Gone
  • Drinking: Significantly reduced
  • Alarm clocks: Unexpectedly used them quite a lot! Plenty of early morning starts to do cool things at dawn - discovered that I like getting up early as long as there's a good reason
  • Mobile phones: We took one, but barely used it as a phone, mainly because the go-sim chip we used was pretty useless. Shame. Came in handy for clock, torch and games functions though
  • Computers: Plenty of blogging and Flickring; much less timewasting. Good.
  • Rut life: No rut no more! 24 hours a day with Debs doing stuff. Very fun indeed. Will miss this a lot.

In addition to all this we also have some "how our lives will be different after all that travelling" resolutions. See next post.



james said...

How long d'yu give yourselves before you start to get some of the old habits back? Sendentary is quite different to a nomadic existence. Which of the changes do you want to maintain the most?

Ben and Debs said...

We're most keen to avoid getting lazy and not making the most of our lives here. Everything else kinda ties into that one... how long will it last? Watch and see!