Saturday, 21 June 2008

Tight hips? No problem!

Yes, I have tight hips, and extreme inflexibility, but it hasn't stopped me grunting through a six-day course of Ashtanga (power) yoga at Universal Yoga in Mcleod Ganj, no sir-ree!

Ashtanga yoga is really hard. I bet it's the one Madonna does. It's really physical, and we were pushed hard for the full two and a half hours of each lesson.

It was a little intimidating at first. I was easily the least competent in a class full of about twenty yoga masters, who knew all the moves and how to breathe properly but I just went for it.

There was a beginners side, luckily (that contained lots of people who didn't look at all like beginners), and the teacher, a Gandi-like Indian man called Vijay, was firm but fair, and gave lots of instructions ("If you have tight-hips, sit on the block"; "If you're inflexible, use the rope"). I had a few mishaps (whacking my arms on the mat, really hard, whilst trying to put my legs behind my head; almost dislocating my hip trying to get my foot over my head; pulling a muscle or something, which resulted in pain shooting through my ankle each time I stretched my legs out in front of me, etc). However, after a low point on the third lesson, where I was really annoyed at my level of inflexibility, and didn't see how it was possible to move in the way we were being instructed to, I think I did gain some flexibility, and some understanding of how to adapt the moves to suit my body, and I actually started to enjoy myself. By the end of the course, I'd mastered most of the moves, and Vijay even told a fellow tight-hipped man to "follow her". Wooh!

So I feel really pleased that I completed the course, because it was really tough, and it hurt!

I've had a great week here, and we're here for another week. Ben spent last week doing 13 form Tai Chi, and is doing 24 form this week, and we're both taking a Tibetan Massage course, which is hilarious, and we love.

So everything's good, and incase you can't tell, I'm back! I've been miserable for the last two months. India broke my spirit for a while there, so badly that I literally didn't recognise myself in the mirror (boo hoo!), but thanks to a busy schedule, I'm actually happy again for the first time in ages and have started smiling again. Horray!


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Mel or Phil said...

Hey Debs - Great that you have had such a awesome time with the yoga - it really is fantastic how wonderful a good class can make you feel (i'm hoping to start some more classes - with a pregnancy focus, soon). And you're right, Madge does do Ashtanga (possibly also the insane in a hot room type, can't remember the name). Keep it up and have fun with the massage course too xox