Saturday, 21 June 2008

Elbow attack to the heart!

Best fun in India so far! For the past week I've been spending 2 hours a day having private Tai Chi lessons with Jamyang, my super solidly built, incredibly flexible teacher.

Already he's taught me the 13 form (Yang style) and we're halfway through the 24 form now. It's totally bostin! Last year I took 6 months of lessons back in Amsterdam. Fun, but at 1 hour per week in a group class, progress was slow. This is a different animal altogether. I glide and stretch and flow up on Jamyang's roof (weather permitting) with views over the hills and valleys of McLeod Ganj and Dharamsala, while eagles wheel and soar over our heads. A crow even tried to shit on my head this morning, but I was too damn quick for him.

The best bit - apart from 2 hours of slow motion exercise to lively up my body first thing in the morning - is the names of the positions that make up the forms. Try Fair Lady Works with Shuttles on for size, or how about Part the Wild Horse's Mane? My all time favourite is Elbow Attack to the Heart - great name, fantastic position (pic below)! But that might be cos I haven't got to Snake Creeps Down yet.

Anyway, by the time I finish this course off, I'll be totally equipped to repel any physical attack to my person... as long as it happens in slow motion. Ward off!


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