Monday, 23 June 2008

Healing hands

We're learning Tibetan Massage, and it's a lot of fun. The class is a 5 day, hands-on course, so we take it in turns to try out each of the massage moves on each other, and each lesson focuses on a different area of the body.

As you can imagine, we've done a lot of giggling, especially when it came to the butt massage. Hoo! But it's been really useful, and hopefully we'll remember how to do it when we get home. Our fave by far (and the easiest) has been the face massage, which is heaven. Amusingly, Ben loves the nose massage.

It's really interesting how one pressure point on the body can say about another part. I really like it when he tell us where to press to cure illness or pain in another part of the body. he's told us how to increase flexibility, ease the affects of asthma, help to encourage pregnancy (one hour after sex, rub the hands over the stomach in a circular motion).

Last night I mentioned to Dondhup, our teacher that I've been constipated for about 2 months (yes, throughout India. Ridiculous), hoping he'd give me a cure, and he suggested drinking some of the local water. Right, thanks ;)

Today, Ben also rediscovered some funny little lumps on his left shoulder. They look like alien worm egg bumps or something, and they flare up for about 1 minute then subside. This happened the other day after a hot shower too. Hmmm...


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