Wednesday, 7 May 2008

Debs' quotes about India

"Like sticking your head in a fan-assisted oven."
- on the public bus from Chennai to Puducherry.

"Left-hand bastard!"
- after I absent-mindedly used my left hand to eat food.

"It's just like Bradford, but quieter."
- walking down the street in Puducherry at night.

"Like... a cross between a dog and a cow."
- not about India at all; describing the mini-baddies that spawn from the big baddy in Cloverfield.

And that's all the quotes for now. Meanwhile, India is... baffling us. It's almost like we've forgotten how to travel properly after about a month of comparative comfort and luxury in Bangkok, Tokyo and Singapore. Right now we're baked and bamboozled and acting slightly odd as we try to come to terms with things.

One step at a time...


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