Thursday, 1 May 2008


Steve and Zoe moved to Singapore just after we left on our world trip, which is great, because now we can see them again, and stay with them in between the SE Asia/ Japan - India leg of our trip.

It's really hard to believe we're in Asia, because Singapore is so nice, and clean, but every now and then we'll get bitten by a mosquito, or we'll leave the apartment and hit a wall of heat, and remember where we are. Still love it.

Highlights so far include:
  • Getting to know lovely, smiley, whiney, 6 month old Max
  • Seeing how much 2 year old Joe had changed, and watching him run the length of the living room, over and over again, like a lunatic - fantastic!
  • Swimming in Steve and Zoe's apartment's huge swimming pool
  • Playing tennis. We were rubbish, we only had three rackets between four of us, and Zoe said she might get a tennis coach. Heh!
  • Cooking, in a real, clean kitchen again
  • Hanging around with great friends, who we can be ourselves around, and who plan all activities for us, so we don't have to :)
  • A trip to Singapore Zoo, where a polar bear waved at us. No shit.
  • Watching rubbish TV. We love it!

Steve and Zoe lived in Bombay for 2 years, so we're asking lots of questions about India ("Can you buy tampons, suncream, and prescription drugs over the counter" Answers = Yes, yes, yes but they may be fake, so ask for a brand you know.) There will be more questions. We know from experience that the strangest things can be hard to find, so we're quizzing them now in a bid to stock up on unpurchasable items before we leave.


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