Wednesday, 7 May 2008

Barbershops of the world, part 19

Tuesday! Having a slow morning after arriving, exhausted, in Chennai the previous night. That was a helluva taxi ride from the airport...

So, why not get a shave at the Royal Saloon, and - yeah, I'm game - I'll have a head, shoulder, and back massage too please!

The man was thorough. And I mean scrupulous. Only later did I realise that this was because his clippers were super-blunt, so the only way to get anything close to consistent was to pull and stretch my cheeks and nose about, and go over the same bit time and time again.

I had to tidy up the edges and my top lip myself on returning to our hotel room - always a bad sign. Gotta give him for keeping the rest of me totally clean during the clip though: good use of towels, brush, and spray/wipe to remove all the wiry bits and pieces that usually end up peppering my vest and nestling in my ears. Bravo!

Debs wasn't impressed by the price. Next time I'll negotiate upfront, before the extra massage. However, that neck-cracky bit was pretty exciting, I can tellya.

Cost: 200Rps (EUR 3.30)
Cut quality: 5/10
Fear factor: 3/10

Top comedy/fear moment: Debs strolled outside for a moment; my barber seized his opportunity, leaning close to my ear to whisper "Full body massage?" with a suggestive look towards the back room. It doesn't get much classier!

Face bleaching was also on the list of services offered, but I decide not to go for that, either.


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