Saturday, 19 April 2008

Big denki city love

OMFG we're in TOKYO! Waaaaaaaaaa! I haven't stopped smiling since we arrived :-)

Really, I think this must be my spiritual home. I LOVE IT! From the ultra-politeness of the people to the crazy fashion styles of the cos-play loonies, Japan is basically the coolest place in the world.

We've had the greatest fun since arriving. For starters, the climate makes a refreshing change from the SE Asian sweatbox: it's cool here. Cool and wet - ahhhhhhh! Secondly, we're lucky enough to be staying with the Yamadas: Blench family friends from 23 years ago back when we were posh and lived in Beaconsfield, Buckinghamshire. The Yamadas and their 2 sons lived around the corner from us and we all became friends, and now they're playing perfect hosts to me and Debs in their lovely house in lovely, lovely Seijo.

Akihabara (Electric Town), Shinjuku, Shibuya, Harajuku... amazing neighbourhood after amazing neighbourhood has us both buzzing with excitement and worn out after walking all day. Then we wash it down with feasts of incredible food and delicious sake with our hosts.

I have been most entertained by the people. Just walking around the centre of Tokyo is enchanting, as shopkeepers and doormen sing out little greetings and promos to you and you stumble around trying not to bump into stuff while your attention are caught by 6 flashing/spinning/pinging things a second. Then there's the tiny delight of the purchase ritual where the cashier babbles stuff to you in a miniscule voice, bowing all the time while you stand there all lumpy and dumb, until they hand you back your purchase and your change (on a tray), thanking you profusely. It's brilliant!

Oh, and did we mention the cos-play people? W.T.F???

Eventually I will get round to rotating that picture. In the meantime, rotate your head, please.More Tokyo fun to follow, plus a bit of Kyoto culture early next week. It's all too genki for words.


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phraeza said...

Agreed. Japan is bestest. I want to somehow keep it all secret like so no crap people go there.