Wednesday, 16 April 2008

Game over SE Asia

Well, almost. Feels like we've come to the end of a very long chapter of our trip, as we leave Bangkok for Tokyo tonight. Asia was a rollercoaster of a ride. Over the past three months we've travelled through five countries and have had many highs and lows. It wasn't how we expected it to be at all.

We've missed our home comforts, and complained about the food, but when we get what we want (air conditioned tourist buses, pizza etc), we realise that what we want is boring! The best bits have been the most mundane activities, like train journeys and sawngthaew rides with the locals and their livestock; being laughed at by locals when we try to fit in; crossing the road in HCMC.

We're also exasperated by lazy hippies, and the backpacker scene. Although we are backpacking, we have little in common with the tattooed, anklet wearing, almost naked, sun-worshipers that hang round the Khao San Road, getting in our way in Boots (the chemist)!

Biggest disappointment of SE Asia - Topshop in Bangkok opens in May. I just missed it. Gutted! Now that's one home comfort I wouldn't find boring.

Ben would like to add that he's looking forward to staying in a country where he isn't constantly assailed by the rank odour of dried/fermented fish all the time. Might have to wait until after Japan before he breaks out the champagne though...