Tuesday, 1 January 2008

I am the sun, I am the New Year, I'm the way home

It's the one they show you on the news - New Year in Sydney. You know - with fireworks and stuff...

We loaded up an Esky with Coopers Green and trundled off to the Harbour for a lengthy evening of snacks, drinks, pyrotechnics and chat with Darren and Lisa.

When we arrived, there was some dude in a plane doing some sky writing. This was the best bit:

Then, before we knew it, everything went black and stuff started blowing up (Debs would like to point out that there was no terrorist attack - it's just Ben flippantly describing the start of the fireworks display).

We stole that photo off Peter Morris (our pictures are all up on Flickr), but this shows pretty much exactly what we were looking at from where we were on Garden Island. Thanks to Lisa for sorting us out with the best seats in the city :-)

Happy New Year everyone!

Love from Ben and Debs

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