Friday, 4 January 2008

Barbershops of the world, part 11

I needed to trim my beard so I didn't look like a scruff for Shelley and John's wedding. On Lisa's recommendation I visited an ace little barber shop near Bondi Junction, Sydney.

Check out the faces on my cape! We didn't notice at the time... maybe they weren't there, and it's some sort of religious sign. Who knows?

The old gent who trimmed me had been in the business for 48 years(!) - his long experience resulted in an excellent and thorough job. He even got out the old skool manual clippers to do the tough bits under my nose. Debs was most impressed. Very good!

Cost 6 AUS dollars (EUR3.6)
Cut quality 8/10
Fear factor 0/10

Oh, by the way - in more internet stalking weirdness news, some of my barber shop pictures on Flickr have been favourited by a person/entity calling themself "capelover", check em out... heh!


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