Sunday, 30 December 2007


2007. MMVII. Time to go now. See ya later!

We won't forget you - during you, you special little year, we:
  • Sold a car
  • (Debs) Pranged a car
  • Quit our jobs
  • Let our flat
  • (Ben) Bought and destroyed/lost 9 pairs of cheap sunglasses
  • Walked up a glacier
  • Stopped caring about how we look
  • Got really, really bored of food
  • (Debs) Fell in love with Pinatas
  • Met a one-eyed man in Fiji
  • Learned a bit of Spanish
  • Acquired a few weird cyber-stalkers on Flickr - mostly to do with Ben's haircut pictures
  • Discovered Art Brut
  • Met up with a lot of old friends, a lot of new friends, and got to know some distant relatives
  • Read dozens of books
  • Saw crocodiles, dolphins, kiwis, and jellyfish (but no albatrosses or sharks yet)
  • Bought a new camera
  • (Debs) Got attacked by a mother duck
  • Got bored of all the songs on our iPod/wiped and reloaded our iPod (x3)
  • Learned to surf
  • Realised that soap is a lot better than shower gel
  • Also realised that cheap shampoo is just as good as expensive shampoo
  • And while we're on the subject, most sun cream is way too greasy
  • (Ben) Got a job offer
  • Grew nostalgic about our life in Amsterdam/missed our friends and family back home
  • Started this blog :-)
2008, are you ready for us? You've got a lot to live up to.

Ben and Debs

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