Monday, 3 December 2007


Christ Sheila, we're in Australia! We've been in Melbourne since Friday, and we love it! We're staying at Baz's house (Deb's friend from uni) on St Georges Road - a stones throw from Fitzroy, the nicest part of Melbourne - and now we've finally recovered from a heavy drinking session that could only be initiated by a man who works 80 hour weeks, we can finally rouse ourselves to write a blog post.

This is how excited we were to have arrived in Australia:

And this is how Baz looked when we first met him again after 5 years (the moustache, which was grown for mo-vember (a charity supporting prostate cancer), was shaved off after this picture):

First off was a few drinks in the Night Cat where we were treated to a bit of funk by some ageing, quite filthy rockers. "The girl in the boob tube - she's got funk", "I like to have sex", "Get on down" etc; then we moved onto a lovely little indie disco called Ding Dong where we met all the people were going to The Meredith Music Festival with, and drank too many Coopers Green beer (Ben and Baz)/ vodka tonics (Debs). Very nice.

All in all, we love it here and it's great to see Baz again.

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Anonymous said...

Now then. Seems you are having a great time. Tell Baz to lose the tache, makes him look like Roger De Courcey. Hope you are well.