Tuesday, 4 December 2007


If current experiences are anything to go by, I don't think we're going to be the type of traveler who returns home all full of spiritual enlightenment/anti-capitalist fervour. We're back in a kick-ass city and - again - we absolutely love it. Took a day to adjust to being surrounded by people walking fast, but now... look at all this amazing stuff!

Melbourne is treating us exceptionally well, apart from one day of torrential rain, and the FLIES which are EVERYWHERE.

Tuesday, we took in the ACMI (Australian Centre for the Moving Image) on the impressive Federation Square. They're currently featuring a Christian Marclay exhibition. Really nice exhibition space, and full of some really good pieces, e.g. Guitar Drag (readers of a sensitive disposition should turn the volume right down. Noisenicks - boost it up!), the extremely claustrophobic Crossfire (screens on 4 sides of you, all showing shooting guns), and Video Quartet - a surprisingly successful split screen music juxtaposition work.

There was also a Games Lab, featuring a bunch of imaginative interactive funnies, including Samorost 2 - the best online game I've ever played (takes about half a working day to finish, so delegate all your stuff to someone else before you start). All that, all free: Bargain!

We made our way home on Tram 112 via Fitzroy, which is ace. Full of independent shops selling good stuff. I was disappointed to discover that the purple Gravis Tarmac Mids weren't available in my size. Boo!

Still not 100% after Saturday night's monumental bender...


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