Sunday, 2 December 2007

Things of NZ

A quick summary of stuff:

Flat whites
Shit drivers
Idiotic "give way to the right" rules
Getting IDd for booze
Harriers hovering over fields by the roadside
Maori legends
Maori bullshit
Watties is not equal to Heinz (ketchup or beans)
Soaring petrol prices
Outrageous Fortune
"Yeah yeah no, sweet as, choice bro!"
Dangerous DOC, the possum killers

EDIT: Good God, how could I forget? This song!

(It's the Mint Chicks, BTW - Crazy? Yes! Dumb? No!)


P.S. We meant to do one of these posts for Mexico too, but didn't get round to it for so long that it didn't seem worth it after a while.

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Paul Capewell said...

What a fantastic round-up! Love it. Hope you enjoyed yourselves :)