Sunday, 25 November 2007

Barbershops of the world, part 8

Selection criteria: how - in a town stuffed with barbershops - do I pick the one I want to go to?

First of all, it's got to have some form of red and white stripy sign or pole outside. Then it should preferably look cool on the inside, with old school furniture and accoutrements, and finally, it should have a good name.

This one was a simple beard trim last Monday in Queenstown... the barber's name was Dave.

I should add that I didn't notice the name of this one until after the cut :-)

Cost 5 NZ dollars (about EUR2.75)
Cut quality 6.5/10
Fear factor 0/10, rising to 1.5/10 when he mentioned his hometown was Te Rapa, home of the evil witch barber from earlier...

The next cut will be in Melbourne, I think.


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Anonymous said...

there i was hoping you had gone somewhere to get your 'alley' trimmed Blenchmeister, Muahahaha, adios from NZ! RP Shirehorse