Sunday, 25 November 2007

New Zealand's Best Kept Secret

Considering the extremely high annoyance factor of these little pests, I can't quite believe no-one's ever mentioned the sandfly to us - New Zealand's best kept secret.

They seem to prefer the West Coast of the South Island - especially Haast, and the Milford Sound area, and primarily hang around in really beautiful areas, ruining everything with their presence.

First dozens of them swarm around you, driving you mad, then they give you a nasty little bite, which hurts whilst they're biting, and for about 2 weeks afterwards, especially at night when you're trying to sleep. They even sting you on the face. Ow!

Stupid little bastards are easy to catch though 'cause they're so black, and the sting of their bite gives their location away.

I didn't think anything could be more annoying than the mosquito, but sandflies are actually worse.




Bill said...

Yargh nasty lil buggers indeed!!! Hey happy belated one, benster!!! By the way, am I halucinating of did I see you in a picture playing violin for sora shima???

Keep rockin in the free world kids! I will be in Canada Dec 15... looking forward to a white Xmas..

Much Love


Ben and Debs said...

Hola BB, I was indeed part of a Sora Shima session, however musical incompetence and a dreadful violin and bow meant my contributions weren't worthy of recording.

Enjoy the winter wonderland!