Thursday, 29 November 2007


Between Milford Sound and Dunedin we traveled via the Southern "Scenic" Route through Invercargill. The less said about that, the better.

Dunedin's lovely, though - all cool old buildings and a nice feel to the place. We also met our new friends off the internets! Mel and Phil contacted us via this very blog right here (which they found via Brenda and Sandy's blog). First of all it was "let's meet up for drinks" but before we knew what was happening, they'd invited us to stay at their house. Awesome!

Being prudent and safety-conscious people, we notified a friend before we went, in a kinda "Call the cops if you haven't heard back from us in a few days" way - but everything was fine. Better than fine, in fact. Mel and Phil treated us to a killer pizza, stacks of wine and local beer, and a tidal wave of chat and nonsense. And they didn't turn out to be sex pests, or axe-murderers. Bonus! They also had a cute little cat called Bella, who was awesome.

Even more amazingly, we're staying at Mel's parents' house tonight, before flying off to Melbourne tomorrow morning.

The culinary highlight of our short stay in Dunedin was undoubtedly the cheese roll. We had seen these available in a packet in a town centre supermarket, and were both all "huh?" about them... but Mel and Phil swore by their powers, insisted we sample some, and now we are converts.

They're like cheese in toast, or - if you prefer - "sandwiches for retards". A single slice of white bread rolled up with cheese goo in the middle. Bang em under the grill then add butter and munch away, like this:

And this:

Sorry the pictures are so shit, but we were completely hammered by this stage of the evening.

And that's all the stuff about Dunedin. Except for the bit about the side door on the car breaking and our having to get it fixed, but that's really rather boring. It broke again anyway.



Mel said...

Glad to know you didn't think us sex pests - or axe murderers ;)

Mel said...

speaking of 'sandwiches for retards' - what is up with Phil's face in that photo? lol!

Ben and Debs said...

I know, he does look a little odd. Must be all that wine, or maybe too much butter. We had a lovely time with your parents - really great company :)