Wednesday, 15 August 2007

Chichen Itza

We spend the last couple of days in Merida, Yucatan - where we travelled to Chitchen Itza; the site of amazing Mayan ruins which were thoughtfully packed into a nice 1km square site. There´s a ruined Mayan ball park there where the Mayans played a form of football/ handball (depending on what you read) with a bonus ´get the ball through the ring and you´ve won´ part. The losers were all beheaded, and their skulls displayed for all to see. Nice.

Stayed in a really nice hostel in Merida - Nomadas - where we finally talked to some fellow travellers (there´s lots of teachers travelling at the mo) and felt more like backpackers. We have also cooking our own food - tortillas and refried beans!

The further we go into Mexico, the hotter it gets. Ben suffers from wet arms and I seem to be allergic to mosquito bites. Great. I had it once before when we returned from Sicily, but I was hoping it was a one off. It wasn´t. every time I get bitten, the center goes all hard and there´s a circumference of about cms of bite. Any suggestions welcome. It´s painful, and driving me mad.

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