Sunday, 12 August 2007


After a bit of a tough week in Havana, we are now revelling in the friendly civilisation that is Isla Mujeres, a gorgeous little island in the Caribbean sea, off the coast of Cancun. Look, here I am, revelling:

Landing in Cancun on Thursday we had a pretty good night in Haina Hostel, marred only by Debs being seriously munched by bed bugs (that´s 2 insect attacks already). The manager wasn´t particularly concerned when informed...

So on Friday we got the hell outta Cancun (thanks for the suggestion, Karl) and took a short bus and ferry trip to the island, where we´ve been getting horribly sunburnt ever since.

Highlights so far: the food! 1000% better than the Cuban crap, but possibly a little too Tex Mex at this stage... Also - snorkelling today at Hotel Garafon de Castilla on the south end of the island. The best bit about this was the setup - including lockers so we could stash our valuables and frolic with the fish together.

And you should see pelicans in action - they zoom around then dive-bomb the shallows really hard. Poor fish...

Tomorrow we´re off to Merida, the capital of Yucatan, for a couple of days, then down to Campeche before heading into Chiapas for some serious danger/fun, depending on whether you believe the FCO, or our waiter, Cesar.



Leaky eye said...

Damn Cuba!!! Cigar toting bastardos!!! Glad mexico is treating you guys gooder!!!

Keep up the top updates! I wait with baited breath for the next un!!!!


Bas said...

So you missed good ole' Fidel's birthday today? :)

Looks amazing over there! Me slightly jealous. Slightly extremely utterly. But only slightly extremely utterly so.

Clare said...

Really sorry to hear you didn't like Cuba :( Sounds like the banning of the US dollar hasn't done anyone any favours. It is beautiful though? Sorry accom wasn't any good either :((
glad you are enjoying mexico better. is beautiful too.
missing you both! x

Anonymous said...

Bjorn says..

Sounds like a t-shirt "survived cuba". Glad to know you guys are ok. Enjoy the tortillas.
'Ay ay ay canta y no llores' as the mexican say "sing and dont cry".