Wednesday, 15 August 2007


We´re in Campeche - town of pirates! It´s lovely here, all cute pastel houses and fortifications against the foreign marauders.

Quite an eventful bus ride down here from Merida, featuring an exploding bus tire! We could smell burning rubber for a few minutes, then a passenger went and told the driver, who then checked it out and saw this:

Reassuring! The trip took 4 hours instead of the billed 2 and a half... and when we finally arrived we had a bit of a mixed reception at Hostel La Pirata. Very friendly people, but they started by trying to gyp us $5 on the room ("No, the deposit you paid on the internet doesn´t count towards the cost of the room" ... "oh yes it does"), then got the tiniest possible room and promptly flooded it.

Once we´d sorted that out, we hit the BEST supermarket ever, stocked up on food and cheap t-shirts, then pulled off a passable pea risotto:

Debs shelling peas there, wearing her newly acquired hippy headband. "A lifesaver", apparently.


Anonymous said...

Bjorn says...

Those are big knives..

Rachel said...

Wow - looks like you're having an amazing time so far you lucky things! I'm really enjoying the blog!
Well, we are all set to move to to the UK next month so are busy with all the plans for that. Off to Greece on Saturday for 2 weeks which I'm looking forward to. Anyway - have fun! Rachel xxx