Thursday, 16 August 2007

Barbershops of the world, part 2

Campeche today, and Fernando`s Peluqueria did the honours.

As you can see, a variety of styles are available to the modern Mexican gentleman:
I settled for a standard beard trim this time - my hair is still short enough for another couple of weeks:
Cost 35 pesos (2.3 EUR)
Cut quality 5/10
Fear factor 1/10
Comments: scrupulous attention to the hairline under the chin, but left my moustache untouched - must be the way the Mexicans like it.



Anonymous said...

Hey that's a close shave. Luckily he don't look like the demon barber of fleet street. Looks like you be enjoying "meh.he.ko":) gringo y gringita.

Anonymous said...

Hello to you both, i am being entertained a lot by your shenanigans. Keep it up. Ben, would you like to play a gig with us as Sporz in Wellington? Oct 27th. I am assuimng you have laptop etc. Lerrusknow yo! Senior Shirlow

islandg*rl said...

Ben! Debs!!!

You guys have to tell me why Cuba wasn't as fun as expected.

Still looking forward to my trip there... tips? Tricks?

Have fun guys..!

PS: Debs - I love the newly aquired head band (and the tan!)

Ben and Debs said...

@SeƱor Shyboy: I´d love to play with you in Wellington, but I don´t have my laptop with me, and no way to get to my files... mebbe one man and his (borrowed) guitar...?

Anonymous said...

Fourth row down - I see a young General Zod (#1) and Ricky Gervais (#3).

Hugely enjoying all of this Ben, just back from the Green Man festival and wearing half a Welsh hillside. Much love to you both. Chris Herert xx.