Wednesday, 25 July 2007


We arrived in Reading on Tuesday and Deb's cousin Lisa picked us up and took us round to her house where we saw Deb's Auntie Carol and uncle Dave, cousin Danielle and son Cody, and Lisa's son Josh and boyfriend Luke. It was so lovely to see them all after so long (2 years for Debs and 4 for Ben) that Debs started crying - how unexpected (erm..)

Then Dave gave us a lift to grandad's house, which was flooded earlier in the week, but the cleaner seems to have got rid of the smell now using Fabreeze - job's a good 'un. We picked up some fish and chips on the way (FYI pea fritters are nice) and we had a lovely evening with grandad chatting and drinking G&Ts - perfect.

Last night we went to Carol and Dave's lovely house for a soiree with everyone but there aren't any pics because we both got a bit drunk and overexcited and forgot to take any - oops. It was a great night though.

We've been in Reading today, where we ate donuts, Debs bought a nice new top, and Ben bought a shirt, and we're looking forward to another evening of G&Ts and chats (and a possible haircut for Debs from Carol) before we head off to London for the final leg of our tour of England.


Debs, x

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