Wednesday, 25 July 2007

Mulching in Moseley

From Ludlow to Birmingham, for a weekend with Chris and Clare. Chris is one of Ben's imaginary friends who he met on teh internets waaaaaaaaay back in the mid-90s. He's also a bona fide pop star... Hoopla!

Before we left there was a 1 day break in the clouds. We capitalized by dishing up a tremendous lunch of mixed up mezze in Ludlow. You can see foody photos - and more! - on our Flickr photostream.

...and then the rain came down hard. We almost got stuck in Ludlow on Saturday. Trains weren't running at all, so Dad braved the rising waters and very kindly drove us to Shrewsbury where we caught a train to Birmingham. We seen flooding on the way!

On arrival in Birmingham we squeezed ourselves and our packs into Chris and Clare's Mini Cooper - no mean feat - and trundled off to Moseley where we got stuck into a weekend of larks.

Saturday was full of booze and curry (see below) with extra guests Dave and Sal. That's Clare and Debs in the shot below:

I had a crippling hangover on Sunday, which could only be alleviated by an amazing - and alarmingly big - vegiburger at the Cross in Moseley.

Then Sunday evening went by in a pleasant daze, monged out upstairs at the Hare and Hounds, King's Heath, watching 7 inch cinema. Highly recommended if they do anything in your area (there's a 7 inch blog so you can see what's coming up).

On Monday the trains weren't running between Birmingham and Reading, so we had to come via London. All in all, not too much extra hassle, although Reading station could do with adding more benches in the main part. Current count: 1.


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islandg*rl said...

Hey lovelies,

Had to leave a message to say that your curry pics inspired Tim to go on a curry spree last night ;)

Ben - we missed you at the Transformers movie last night!

Hopw you guys are having a whale of a time!