Wednesday, 18 July 2007


Today, we went to Marg and Martyn (Ben's Aunt and Uncle)'s house near Edgton, and met some bees - lots of bees.

Here's Debs all suited up and ready to go:

Ben looking rather dashing in white:

Martyn lifts the lid:

And checks the crop:

Look at all those bees!

Debs loved it! We had a great day - the first day of lovely sunshine in the Shropshire countryside since we got here. Hope we get to have a lot more adventures like this on our way round the world.


P.S. See more pictures of bees - and other photos of our trip - on our Flickr page:


Andreas said...

awesome suits!

miss yous too, maybe I'll see you guys on Bali.

keeping the fire on


Anonymous said...

Looks pretty exciting - I think I would have been a bit scared

Ben and Debs said...

@anonymous - Yeah, it was fine at first but did get a bit scary when the bees were smoked out and swarming..! Really good fun though, and worth braving out because it isn't every day you get to meet so many bees like that.

Ben and Debs said...

@Andreas - Ace, that would be great. Bali, la la la!

Jamie said...

Ricky Gervais' mate Karl Pilkington once posed the question why would anyone want to keep bees?:
a) Bees are dangerous
b) Honey is cheap
c) Honey lasts a long time
d) How many bees do you need to make a lot of honey?

His conclusion was that its better to buy honey from the shop when you weigh up the benefit / risk.


Ben and Debs said...

@Jamie: He's not doing it for the honey - he's in it for the buzz (geddit??!!) Oh my aching sides.