Sunday, 29 July 2007

T minus 86 hours and counting

Our mini-tour of the UK is almost over. Zero hour approaches... and we're scared!

This whole World Trip project started in December last year, when one of us bright sparks came up with the idea. Then we spent a few months researching, planning and working out if it was feasible... and before we knew where we were, we had quit our jobs, let the flat, sold the car and flown the coop.

Now we're wondering: what the hell are we doing?

Amidst a frenzy of friendly expressions of jealousy or admiration, we're quaking in our boots.

For every family member who says, "how brave!" there's a gremlin in our minds saying, "you fools!"

Having failed to find any strong disincentives to dropping everything and buggering off for a year, we're not about to fall at the last fence, but, y'know - damn! - it's all gone a bit daunting.

Look! Here we are, looking daunted (well, kinda daunted, Debs looks half amused too):

Enough whining! Pull yourselves together, Blenches.



brenda said...

It's absolutely the best thing to do!! Be brave, go forth and conquer the world :)

See you downunder later ...

L. Eye said...

When you're sippin'on mojitos and smokin big fat cigars in cuba or lying in the sands at bondai beach or riding a kangaroo through the outback... you'll feel your decision to voyage was a good 'un!

Me, I'll hold the fort while you're gone!

B. Leaky

Anonymous said...

Bjorn zegt...

Klaar voor de start. Y ahora se van. We know that look on Debs face is one of craking up from laughter...greetings.