Sunday, 10 August 2008

Be seeing you

This is the end of this blog. It's over!

You don't have to live a ben and/or debs-free life though. Ben has started a new blog over here, and Debs also has her own little spot just round the corner. Oh, maybe she hasn't. She might have changed her mind. She's thinking about it, she says...

EDIT: She's done it! Deb's new blog is up and running - go check it out!

It remains for us to say thanks to everyone who hosted us, bought us drinks or otherwise brought sunshine and joy into our gruelling travelling life:

Sarah and Steve in Leeds
Pod and Nats in Leeds
Chris and Clare in Birmingham
Camilla and Nick in London
Ken in Reading
Jim and Diane in LA
Rob and Vanessa in Hamilton
Brenda and Sandy in Wellington
Pep and Kate in Wellington
Shelley and John in Batlow
Audrey, Peter and Alma in Wangi Wangi
Baz, Alice, Renee, and Diarmuid in Melbourne
Stu, Deb, Sam and Joe in Brisbane
Mel and Phil in Dunedin
Masahiro and Mariko in Tokyo
Steve and Zoe in Singapore
Jamie and Clare in Amsterdam
Monica in Amsterdam
...and the people we have forgotten, sorry, but I've got a hangover this morning and can't think straight.

And thanks to all of you for reading, commenting and enjoying this blog. Glad you liked it!

Our bookshelf is now fatter by about a dozen Lonely Planets, Deb's orange notebook and 5 of Ben's diaries. It's like a paper trail or something.

See you then, byeee!

Ben and Debs

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