Thursday, 24 July 2008

Home! Sorta...

We're back! It's London! Not quite home yet, but as near as dammit cos we're spending a week with Camilla and my family are all going to be here and it's warm and we're wearing jeans! We are both apparently a damn sight skinnier than we were this time last year.

Here, you can drink water straight from the tap, flush bog roll down the toilet, and use a properly equipped kitchen to cook delicious food. Luxurious lifestyle revisited - we could both get used to this sort of thing you know?

So far, being back is very tiring and quite confusing. There are a million things that we both want to start working on, and it all rushes into us at once and leaves us dizzy and babbling. I had to keep going and lying down today because I just felt completely overloaded. Strange.

Anyway, one day at a time and all that. We have made one very good decision today - to have a big meet up for all our friends in London. So if you know us, and want to see us, please come to a lazy outdoor pub afternoon this Sunday, 27th July. Time Out tells us that the Windmill on the Common is a decent spot, so that's where we'll be, from about 1 o'clock. Here's where it is.

Ridiculous to think it has been a year since we left all this stuff behind.



Mel or Phil said...

Ohhhhh - Windmill is pretty good. Soooo so so so so wish we could be there to have a quiet few with you both - hopefully Lou and Sterling will be able to make it so they can be our proxy - tho' it will be frustrating not seeing them too! xox Mel and Phil (and Bella cat - and Baby A)

email said...

Hey Ben and Debs, if you fancy a few days in Bristol just let us know.

email me -


Paul and Paula (Fiji!!)