Thursday, 24 July 2008

9 to 5

This post is all about the rest of our holiday in Turkey. There isn't really very much to report :-) We spent the vast majority of our time "in the office" - on our regular sun loungers by the hotel pool. We became so attached to our particular loungers that we even did that German thing of reserving them with our towels when we went down for breakfast. Vorsprung durch Tücher!

That's pretty much it. We did manage to go to Fethiye and have a Hamam, which was lovely. Not so lovely was the glimpse Debs caught up the towel of a nude Dutch lady... cover yourself up, meisje!

Otherwise, we ate, we drank, we lazed around all day and chatted with new friends Sterling and Louise (who, it turned out, know our other new friends Mel and Phil from NZ), Idris and Matthew, and the Neal family (and it turns out that Jane was at school with both me and my sister). Hello you lot!

Oh yeah, we did manage to haul ourselves off to Kalkan again, in order to spend the day sitting on a boat and swimming in the sea, rather than lounging by the pool. That was pretty cool. We got covered in mud on a beach and Ben went and chatted to some little fish underwater. It was deeper than it looked.

By the end of our stay we were INCREDIBLY EXCITED about going home, and spent the whole journey buzzing, and shifting uncomfortably in our horribly cramped Thomas Cook cheap seats. Don't think we'll be flying with them again.

So, that's the end of all that travelling. Well nearly - next up is a week in London.


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