Tuesday, 27 May 2008

Barbershops of the world, part 21

End of our week in Munnar. Exhausted after a hard day's walking/elephant hunting, I ducked out of the rain and into Mini Bharath Hair Dresses (sic) for a quick beard trim.

The experience was hard to fault. Nice little place, friendly guy, cool chair, sharp blades, great price - and very quick! Only the slightly dull conversation let him down. Here it is in full:

Him: "Where are you coming from?"
Me: "England."

That's it.

Cost: 20Rs (EUR 0.30)
Cut quality: 8/10
Fear factor: 0/10

This was definitely the best combo of speed and quality I've had. Stark contrast to the awful effort I had done in Fiji, which took a similar length of time but left me all lumpy.

Not many of these left to go before I return home now. All you barbers in London and Amsterdam - you've only got a few weeks to contact me with your offers for lucrative sponsorships, modeling contracts, etc etc.


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