Sunday, 23 September 2007

Barbershops of the world, part 4

Sigatoka, Fiji. Time for a quick trim at Dayalal Ranchhod's between lunch and meeting up with a taxi driver who promised to drive us home for the same price as the bus fare... ("Pay me now, I turn up - 100%", yeah right). He never showed. We took the bus.

Cost 1 Fiji dollar (0.50 EUR)
Cut quality 2/10
Fear factor 0/10

Comments: A sloppy effort, using only clippers. Took about 5 minutes and got most of the hair shorter, but left quite a lot of long bits. Can't complain about speed though :-) Prior to entering the shop we had a quick conference about how much we were willing to spend - $10 was the ceiling - the promise of "Fancy Goods" on the shop sign led us to believe that this was a premium establishment...


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