Thursday, 20 September 2007

Celebrity Drug Island

We're on Celebrity Love Island! We didn't realise before we got here, but we've ended up on the Beachhouse resort where they filmed one of my favourite shows of 2005 (don't think badly of me, we didn't have Sky then, so I had to make do with downloads). I'm getting a bit confused about where everything was - it looks really different in real life, but the spaces for the cameras are still there, as are the 2 way mirrors. We're off to see the Love Shack this afternoon. Woo! Anyway, it's backpacker heaven here, and it isn't raining anymore, so we're very happy.

It's been raining since we left Manta Ray Island, and whilst we were watching frogs hopping through our garden at Tubakula Beach Bungalows, we were considering leaving Fiji early, but now we've decided to stick it out and try some East coast islands after here.

Everybody says the one thing you'll do on Fiji is try kava, and we were beginning to think we'd missed out, but we finally took part in a kava ceremony last night. Very cool. Kava is a drink prepared from the root of a type of pepper plant, and is drunk by Fijians as a way of saying thanks (for everything), and to generally pass the time of day. It's mildly narcotic, looks like muddy water, and makes your tongue go numb. We liked it and it just made us feel nice and relaxed, nothing serious. The ceremony involves sitting around a chief Fijian whilst he prepares and hands out (little for girls, big for boys) coconut bowls of kava. Each person in turn has to clap, say "bula" and down the kava in one (not that easy as it gets stronger!) whilst the others clap three times before and after. This goes on for about 2 hours, before dinner, and makes you too full to eat your (bad) macaroni cheese.



Anonymous said...

Bjorn zei..

"Bula" ..drinking my mornign coffe over here..hehehe.

Claire said...

I loved celeb love island - quality tv viewing. Very jealous....