Thursday, 13 March 2008

Up and up we went, higher and higher, until suddenly...

So, yes, I recovered from my bout of sickness thanks to some excellent nursing from Debs.

And a couple of days later there we were in the hills above Chiang Rai, trekking like our lives depended on it. It was nearly enough to give me a relapse, seriously... we were led by Nui, and accompanied by these two strapping young German lads who basically ran up a really, really steep and rocky jungle hill for an hour and a half, while we blundered blindly behind them, stumbling like fools and sweating bullets.

By the time we got to the rather sweet little waterfall I had nothing left in my legs and had completely lost the power of speech! And then we climbed even higher! I thought I would have to be choppered out.

OK, not really, but ouch - I was not ready for such exertions so soon after the illness. Debs also suffered a bit, but not as badly as me.

We finally arrived at the top of the hill where some locals fed us water and tea and prodded Debs until she bought a load of little trinkets off them. Home via a hot spa (fully clothed for modesty) then back to Chiang Rai where we slept the sleep of the righteous.

An awesome achievement to round off our stay in Thailand.


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