Monday, 10 March 2008

Barbershops of the world - SPECIAL EDITION!

We interrupt our regularly scheduled programme to bring you this very exciting newsflash: Debs just got her hair trimmed! More now from our reporter who was on the spot as this momentous event occurred (it's Debs LOL!)

I hate getting my haircut because I always end up with a mess, which I can't wait to grow out, so, I know my hair has been a bit of a mess of late, but I've been trimming it myself for the past 5 months because I've been too scared to visit a hairdressers. Dumb, dumb.

On Saturday, after the Fat music festival in Chiang Rai, Ben spotted a really nice western looking hairdressers and encouraged me to go in before I could change my mind. I was terrified, especially when my instructions were relayed to the hairdresser by a translation, but the haircut is subtle and actually better than most cuts I've had in Amsterdam, and I'm actually happy with the results!

Cost 250B (EUR 5)
Cut quality 9
Fear factor 6

The fear factor was always going to be high, since I'm of a slightly nervous disposition when it comes to haircuts, but being stabbed above the eye with a pair of scissors wasn't something I was expecting, and although he didn't actually draw blood, it did put me on edge somewhat for the rest of the cut.



Rachel said...

Where are the pictures of this momentous occasion?!

Mel or Phil said...

Yes photo please! Glad you liked Chiang Mai so much - I did too - would love to know where you stayed for 250 Baht...

Ben and Debs said...

250 Baht at the Ben's Guesthouse. Not the plushest of rooms, but we've stayed in worse. Bargain!

Pics now up. Sorry about the quality of the after shot. The air must have been thick with Ben's sickness.

Anonymous said...

Bjorn(still driving Saab) says ... the term "make like a statue comes ot mind or in this case sit like a statue"... :-)