Wednesday, 5 March 2008

Protecting your money

Most of the time we're ultra secure about keeping the cash we have on us safe and sound from would be sneak thieves. So far we've not had any trouble at all from this sort of thing, except for the usual overpricing ripoffs you find all over the world.

In fact, the only real money hassle we've had came from an excess of security - PayPal stuck a limitation on my account and withheld a payment to The Gibbon Experience because they were worried somebody had illegally accessed my account and was purloining funds.

All well and good! I'm happy that they have processes in place to detect abnormal activity and protect their customers... but it took a bit long to resolve. Pretty much a week for me going back and forth on emails and via their site to prove that I was me, dammit!

My favourite bit was when they wanted me to access my account and do some stuff from my home computer. Not exactly practical... I ended up sending them a picture of me holding up my passport so they could see I was too legit to quit. I nearly wrote a little sign, like hostages sometimes do, saying "It's OK, nobody's got a gun to my head" but I stopped short.

Anyway, limitation lifted, payment made, really looking forward to swinging with the apes in Laos in a week or so.


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