Friday, 7 March 2008

Heaven in the hills

The further north we go, the better Thailand gets. We've been in Pai for the past couple of days, and even the stinky hippies aren't getting us down.

The people here are really nice, and we feel like proper people again rather than walking wallets. It' s cheap, cheap, cheap, for everything (except beer of course), no-one hassles us to buy their goods, and for the first time since we've been away, we've felt free to browse the local produce (which, incidentally, is actually nice) without worrying about money or committing ourselves to a purchase - luxury! I won't tell you what I've bought though, because some of them are presents for you lot ;)

Today we had a dreamy day riding through the Thai countryside on a moped, declining invitations to smoke opium (yes, I'm very boring), beeping at chickens, dissing water buffaloes ("smell ya later!"), and swerving round elephants on their way home.

The trip is really exciting now and not at all scary anymore - I think we're getting savvier by the day. I'm so happy! Everyone, quit your jobs and go traveling - it's great!

One more thing. I know it's immature, but there's a cafe here called 'Phu Pai'. How funny is that?!

Debs, x

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