Saturday, 26 January 2008

Dingo patrol

We just got back from Fraser Island - wow! That's 5 days in a row where Queensland gets 10 out of 10 on the fun factor scale.

Fraser Island is the largest sand island in the world. Although we had been told how amazing it is, we really only expected to see a big pile of sand, so were delighted by how beautiful and unspoilt the place was, and by how much wildlife we saw: a bandicoot, dingoes ("if attacked, defend yourself aggressively") a white breasted sea eagle, lace monitors (lizards), Golden Orb spiders, eels, fishes, a turtle - so many animals!

Ever swum in a mirror lake? How about a barrage lake? We have! This is Ben leaping about in the sand dunes which run down to the edge of Lake Wabby - a deep and splendid oasis which you reach by walking across a mini-desert, then fling yourself into the cool, fresh water, pausing only to say "What the hell is that?!" when a turtle pokes its head above the surface to get a look at you. And yes, it was most probably a turtle; less likely that it was a cobra.

And here's Debs reclining gracefully in the shallows of Lake Birrabeen - super, super clean and clear water on a bed of pure quartz sand. Ideal for exfoliating, which we did with vigour!

This lake was also saw a bit of an emotional moment for Ben, when he achieved his long held ambition to "touch a live fish". It was brilliant. Debs was delighted too - this moment of swimming in the lake perfectly encapsulated how she imagined the year off would be.

Happy people! Happy trip! Oh happy days in Queensland!

Ben and Debs

P.S. Oh yeah, we went with an outfit called Fraser Island Escape. $209 each for the two day tour + $40 each for island fees and ferry transfer. They were good guys! And we recommend the camping option for fun/cheapness over the resort stay.

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