Saturday, 26 January 2008

Australia Day / Australia Zoo

Saturday 26th January was Australia Day - official slogan: "Celebrate, what's great!" Unofficial motto: "Let's get bent!"

When in Rome... go down the local and get pissed up with some bogans while participating in the national sports of er... crab racing, thong throwing and pie-eating. And drinking, of course.

We didn't want to seem like party poopers so we slapped on a couple of fake tattoos and a patriotic t-shirt, then got stuck into the XXXX Gold with Stu, Debs, and our new friends from the Fraser Island tour; Dan and Charlotte.

The only minor disappointment was that nobody sang "Waltzing Matilda". However, we did see a few people being kicked out of the pub by the bouncers, and we had a go on the pokies to make the experience 100% Australian.

And then on Monday we went for the double with a visit to Australia Zoo - Steve Irwin's place, where we witnessed the cheesiest show on earth - Crikey! - touched a baby croc, fed an elephant, saw the most poisonous snake in the world, and petted both a kangaroo (well, Debs was hovering more than petting TBH, the scaredy cat) and a koala. Wowsers! God rest Steve's soul, and heal Aussie Debs' for laughing at the memorial drawings and poems..!

Ben and Debs

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