Friday, 2 November 2007

Life's a bitch

Boy are we suffering... no, it's great here! We're still on the South Island of NZ, in the Tasman Bay region.

After Marlborough we headed for Nelson where we spent our time sitting around drinking beer, playing crazy golf, catching a peeping tom in our campsite (just a 'harmless' a lurker, who ran off when I rumbled him - giving us a Halloween night to remember), and generally wandering around feeling happy and warm.

Now we're in Motueka, a town close to the gorgeous Abel Tasman National Park, where we've been sea kayaking with The Sea Kayak Company (Brenda/ Sandy - the one you recommended has been bought out by another company and gone downhill apparently) . Our adventure started at 8am (!) where we were driven to Marahau Beach at low tide, put in a water taxi, pulled out to sea by a tractor, and taken to Onetahuti Beach. Then we got into our double kayak (I sat at the front navigating and saying "Roger that" a lot, and Ben at the back steering) and kayaked through the national park via Tonga Bay Marine Reserve, stopping at Bark Bay for lunch and ending in Anchorage Bay for a water taxi back to Marahau beach.

Highlights: A seal swimming around our kayak; seeing a little blue penguin; sailing into Anchorage bay (5 kayaks together, with a sail up).

Lowlights: I got sea sick..! and was sitting in 2 inches of water due to an ill fitting spray skirt.

But, wow, what a great way to see the park. We had an awesome time. Thanks to Brenda and Sandy for the recommendation. It was well worth spending money on this one.


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