Wednesday, 31 October 2007

Marlborough Wine Tour

Boy would Tony Blench be jealous!

We spent Monday in Renwick, up at the north end of NZ's south island, biking around the vineyards of the Marlborough wine growing region on a "tasting" tour.

In other words, we put on our helmets and got pissed up on free booze, courtesy of Cloudy Bay, the Vines Village, Huia, and Nautilus. We took tasting notes as we went round, basically to convince the sellers that we were at least semi-serious/ potential buyers, but didn't buy anything cos the prices of the stuff we really liked were kinda out of our budget - and bizarrely, no cheaper at the cellar door than in the local supermarkets.

Our favourite wine by quite a long way was Cloudy Bay's Sauvignon Blanc - crisp, fruity and exciting in all the right ways. The local Pinot Noirs were also dry and spicy in a pleasing way - made a nice change from all the fat/ribena-style cheap Merlots we've been buying in supermarkets here. I was even pleasantly surprised to taste a couple of drinkable Chardonnays, which dispelled our general ABC (anything but chardonnay) attitude.

Unsurprisingly we got pretty tipsy over the course of the afternoon (your liver works more slowly then, dontchaknow?) - and all for the $20 bike fee we hired from Watson's Way backpackers place in Renwick (highly recommended).

Dad - any advance on that wine blog? Get writing, man!

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Andreas said...

Bought my tickets today. I will be in seminyak from 3/2 until 29/2. So we should def meet up and shout ORLY for a while. And yes, I'm soo on fire right now.