Tuesday, 23 October 2007

Sky castle promote-ah!

OK you chews, listen up - there is music happening where we are and you should be there to hear it (if geographically feasible, that is).

Hamilton's finest instru-mentalists, Sora Shima, are playing 2 gigs in Wellington, NZ this weekend.

Friday 26th they're at Valve and Saturday 27th they play MVP. Click the pic to see their MySpack thingy and get all the relevant details.

Sora Shima recently supported NZ pop darlings the Mint Chicks, who last week won three Tui awards. This is therefore your one and only chance to see "the Shima" before they get massive, then you can tell all your mates that you saw them before they got famous.

It basically doesn't get much better than that.



phraeza said...

Pdogalicious reporting in with my first comment. WHOOP WHOOP!

I've been keeping tabs on your progress around our big green and blue ball and must say that I am very impressed with how well planned it all was and how well it all seems to be going too.

Sorry we didn't manage to hook up during your flying visit to London before the off but the intergoogler is just great for keeping in touch.

Hope you continue to have a blast. Take care


I am Phraeza

Ben and Debs said...

Yo Hamiliton! Bad stuff to miss you in London; nice to know you're stalking us via the internut. Come out and see us in Asia next year!