Wednesday, 17 October 2007

Flickr roxxx

We're loving Flickr for sharing all our photos while we're away. In my book, it kicks every other photo album/sharing site into touch for one simple reason: it's open.

Anyone can see all our pictures - no dumbass registration required. Flickr users can add comments to pictures, add them to their favourites and even ask to use our photos in their groups - so far we've had Buses and Railways around the Pacific, Palaspas Palm Leaf Art, Zipolite groups picking some stuff up. There was also the NowPublic story which used one of our photos of Chichen Itza, and of course, there's the haircut fetish guy. Nuff said about that one.

And then other companies can plug into the Flickr API and let you do cool stuff (mostly print-based) with your photos.

Oh, and of course, anyone can subscribe to our Flickr RSS feed, so they get notified every time we post a new image.

I heard Ben Cerveny speak at Reboot 8.0 about how Flickr grew out of tools created for the Game Neverending. It really is a great game. Come play with us!

In case you were wondering WTF we're on about, click here to see all our photos on Flickr. Or you can click on that little strip of thumbnails up at the top of the page there ^^^

Word up.

Ben and Debs

P.S. No, we're not on Facebook, and we don't want to join Bebo. K thx bai!

A side note from Debs - how come pics of Ben's haircuts are getting more views on Flickr than pics of amazing things like tornados..?! The stats don't add up.

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