Wednesday, 17 October 2007

$40 worth of fear

After a week or so of (mostly) civilised amusement and sightseeing, we thought we ought to turn the excitement dial up to 11 and do some Xtreme Sports - far out!

So we paid a visit to HighZone, just south of Whitianga. First of all, instructor Jeff kits you out and tells you some stuff about safety and state of mind and all that nonsense:

Then he makes you climb up a 12 metre telegraph pole and do really stupid things like this:

And this:

It was scary.

Very scary. Trembling legs and everything. Especially the bit where he made me hop on the crossbeam. And walk backwards with my eyes closed. Deb's worst bit was the big swing at the end, which frightened her so much she couldn't even scream. Hard. Core. To. The. Max.

But we were happy at the end. Look!



Brenda said...

OMG please don't tell Sandy about this one!

Andreas said...

I did the same stuff in stockholm a while ago with se people. Beeing scared of heights I have no idea why I did chose the highest one, 15+ meters something. I was still shaking when back on ground!

Ben and Debs said...

@Brenda: No worries, I'll tell her about the one near Lake Taupo instead ;-)